Volumens is a festival that has been held in Valencia since 2015. It is the most important event in digital culture and new media art in the Valencian Community.

The name gathers 3 readings: Volume; related to sound, Lumens with light (the image), and Volumens, with the spaces where their interventions take place.

It is an annual festival that encompasses and explores the field between contemporary art, music, science, and technology. The main objective of the festival is to create an open and inclusive platform in which curiosity is immersed in a unique and innovative culture and art form through workshops, exhibitions, conferences, shows, and above all concerts.

It is an annual event that defends a multidisciplinary and transversal vision between Digital Art, Science, and Technology. With music as the main engine, but with a clear vocation to generate new audiences and transform the architectural spaces where it takes place.

This transformation of the spaces has taken them through such emblematic buildings of the city of Valencia as the MuVIM, the Center del Carme de Cultura Contemporánea, the Base de La Marina, Teatre el Musical, Ciudad de las Ciencias, La Mutant, Las Naves and La Fabrica de Hielo.


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