interview with Paranoid London

19.00 h



23 SEPT 2023


Audition is an educational music project that, since 2014, focuses on promoting discussions around guided music listening, creating encounters between artists, industry specialists, and the audience.

With a careful selection of professionals, DJs, bands, and promoters, among others, we aim to create a space where the world of music serves as the guiding thread for these educational, yet also entertaining and fun, encounters.

Audition is an audiovisual experience where chosen topics, curated by the brand managers, are dynamically explored and shared with the audience, allowing for a deeper understanding and engagement.


The main idea is centered around guided listening of three selected tracks by guest artists, who share in first person how or why a particular song has become relevant in their musical repertoire and how it has influenced their professional career.

The Audition team will be responsible for documenting and providing context for each track, allowing the audience to find answers to questions such as: What is the story behind the song? How and why was it composed? Who was involved in its production process?

While the listening session takes place, the viewer will see detailed information displayed on a screen, revolving around the chosen song by the artist