Silvia Jiménez Alvarez aka JASSS is a Berlin-based sound artist, producer and DJ  born and raised in Asturias in northern Spain. Jiménez started Djing and has been  part of the electronic scene in Spain since her early twenties. She started  experimenting with electronic music production by editing field recordings after  moving to the Netherlands in 2010. The following year she relocated to Berlin, where  she began to actively Djing in the electronic circuit. Her first 12-inches appeared in  2016: Caja Negra on Anunnaki Cartel and then Mother via Alessandro Adriani’s  Mannequin label. By then she was a resident DJ at Mannequin’s regular nights at  OHM and later Berghain’s Säule, where she honed a voice as a selector that  smoothly traverses tempos and eras.  

Her debut full-length album, 2017’s Weightless , launched her relentless global  touring schedule. Weightless demonstrated her visceral approach to avant-garde  composition which she underscored by developing a live set titled STEAM alongside  visual artist Theresa Baumgartner in 2018.  

Ever since the LP’s release on the revered experimental label iDEAL, she’s made  regular appearances at clubs like Berghain, Amsterdam’s De School and Bassiani in  Tbilisi and performed at festivals like MUTEK Montreal, Sónar and Primavera. She’s  supplemented her work as a DJ and live musician by serving as an  artist-in-residence at EMS in Stockholm (2017), Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon (2018)  and the 2019 edition of the Berlin-Rom Express, a recording artist residency at Villa  Massimo curated by Carsten Nicolai (AKA Alva Noto).  

2020 brings the first JASSS solo record since 2018: a show-stopping, apocalyptic  and dramatic submission to the esteemed Whities catalogue titled “Turbo Olé”/”We  Solve This Talking.”