23 SEPT 2023

Spammerheads is an electronic music duo formed in Valencia at the end of 2019. The band has released several full-length works to date:

“Earth Reset. Digital self-release.  2019.

“Sound of Spam”. Fix Recordings (The Netherlands). Cassette. 2020.

“Espai, Temps i Matèria”.  HC Records (Valencia. Spain). Cassette. 2021.

“Bricks for Reconstruction”. Soil Records (Valencia. Spain). 2021. Cassette.  

“Tar Blood / Cement Skin”. Soil Records (Valencia. Spain).  2022. Vinyl 12″.

The evolution of Spammerheads’ sound has gone through different states and terrains, always influenced by personal experiences and social context, until reaching the sound of their latest work “Tar Blood / Cement Skin”, which defines the essence of the project.

Their work “Espai, Temps i Materia” is a concept album that maintains their style strongly influenced by the Berlin School, ambient or IDM.

(Listen Espai, Temps i Matèria here)

With the album “Bricks for Reconstruction”, the duo goes into much tougher territory, somewhere between ebm, industrial music and electropunk, in which the band introduces for the first time sung songs.

(Listen Bricks for Reconstruction here)

“Tar Blood / Cement Skin”, released on Soil Records in a limited edition of 300 copies on pink vinyl, is undoubtedly the band’s most personal work to date. A raw, industrial sound, with a strong influence of old school ebm and punk spirit, which includes part of their musical background. It is a raw sound, which seeks to reproduce the sounds of the suburban factories, among which they lived when they were children. The sound of the Great Machine of Industry at full capacity.

(Listen Tar Blood / Cement Skin here)

We would also like to add two interviews we were given in two of the most interesting electronic music media:

 Interview with Spammerheads – El Garaje de Frank

 Raw, Smokin’ Working Class Beats // An Interview with SPAMMERHEADS

At the moment we are very excited to be working on new songs and collaborations, as well as some remixes for a very interesting known band that we hope to reveal soon.

Finally, we are very happy to announce that we will be playing next year at DarkMad 2024 (sharing the bill with artists like CLAN OF XYMOX, THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT, GIRLS UNDER GLASS, THE MARCH VIOLETS, KAELAN MIKLA as first artists announced in the line-up) and at OMBRA Festival.2023 (sharing the bill with artists like LITTLE LITTLE XYMOX, THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT, GIRLS UNDER GLASS, THE MARCH VIOLETS, KAELAN MIKLA as first artists announced in the line-up). ( sharing the bill with artists like Little Nemo, Derriere Le Miroir, The Invincible Spirit, Spike Hellis, Monolith, Codex Empire, Linear Movement, Tamburi Neri and Toulouse Low Trax, Years of Denial, WLDV as first artists announced on the bill ).